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I literally answer my phone between 9am and 9pm 90% of the time to help customers and realtors get answers fast and help you win homes. I'm on demand every day of the week to get things done for you quickly. Happy customers = referrals!

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Dave Fahrmann
20 years experience with all types of loans. Licensed in MN, WI, FL. NMLS: 281502

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The Loanzify App guides you through your mortgage financing and connects you directly to your loan officer and realtor. DaveTheMortgageGuy will get you a video specific to your scenario so that you know your options without research. This cell phone App will keep you updated as you go through the process and close the loan. It can also help scan documents and give you quick access to calculators. It is your choice to use it or not use it.


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MORTGAGE PAYMENT CALCULATOR Calculate how much your monthly mortgage payment could be.

Welcome To My personal secure mortgage website:

You can do a ton of research and come up with the wrong answers and wrong pricing. A full application allows me to do the work for you. I also shop for pricing when it is time to LOCK pricing. This is truly the only time you can shop for pricing due to constant changes in the market and lenders (both of which set pricing each day). We shop multiple programs when you are ready.

I will then put together a video specific to your file so that you understand YOUR best pricing and loan structure options so that you can make decisions.

Welcome to's website! I work for SWBC, FKA Mortgages Unlimited, Inc. who provides technology/underwriters/processors/support staff etc. for the best service and pricing. We are the perfect size to give you big company technology with the best service and pricing you can get anywhere.

I CARE about getting you the best possible loan program and pricing available for your scenaio. Anyone can get you a loan, but I will get you the ideal loan program and structure based on your application details and credit report.

Through this website you can submit a complete on-line, secure loan application or pre-qualify for a home loan. You may also evaluate your different financing options by using our interactive calculators and going over various mortgage scenarios. Once I have an application, I will figure out the best loan options and present them to you in a video. Most people love the videos (which are specific to your scenario) because it will help you become an informed buyer which is a big stress reducer! It is also very helpfull for any last minute changes that might be needed in a really competitive purchase transaction (especially if you do not have a large down payment).