Application options to get a loan

OPTION 1 (Best & quickest): Applying online using a computer is your best option for a detailed application and for the quickest approval. By submitting an application on this secure website, you will have the option to upload documents so that I can fill in any blanks on the application. You can also track your progress and apply online from your cell phone if you also download the phone application (App you can request by texting me) you will get notified of the progress of your loan from application to closing. It also has useful information and calculators and a way to scan some documents and message me directly.

OPTION 2: I can take your application over the phone.

OPTION 3: Print and fill out  the application by hand and then get those documents to me (Mailing; emailing; or fax etc.). SEE LINKS BELOW.  You will need a browser compatible with PDF files or you will need to download Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print PDF files on all major computer platforms.

PDF Forms:

Uniform Residential Loan Application
Uniform Residential Loan Application — Unmarried Addendum
Uniform Residential Loan Application — Additional Borrower