Reasons people use DaveTheMortgageGuy and Mortgages Unlimited, Inc.

1. We have everyone in-house so we can move fast to help you win the home and or make last minute changes. Realtor's love knowing that we will close on time.
2. If we have enought time, we will underwrite your file before you make an offer which increases the strength of your offer and increases the chance you will win the home!
3. SERVICE SERVICE SERVICE! I want you to have a great experience and refer friends and family and keep you as a customer for life.
4. PRICING/SAVINGS: I look for the best loan structure including types of loans and products. We then shop for the best lender pricing. If applicable, we also shop for the mortgage insurance and apply any down payment assistance or second loans.
5. I am your main contact and can answer most of your questions immediately. I answer my phone 90% of the time between 9AM and 9PM any day. I have people that assist me but I am copied and involved the entire time.
6. SPECIAL PREAPPROVAL LETTER: If you have a strong file, my preapproval letters are personalized to show your strengths. This can help you win a property in this very competitive market.
7. COMMUNICATION: I will keep all parties informed on the progress of the file. This is even better if you download the cell phone application that gives you automated updates along with giving you calculators and other information and a direct connection to me.
8. Loan Products & Structure: We are full service and have the capabilities to do nearly every type of loan. Anyone can get you the wrong loan! Getting the right loan and structure means that you are saving money and possibly avoiding a future refinance.
9. Shopping: I do the shopping for you to get the best pricing and loan structure. I know you will hate hearing this, but you can't really do this on your own becausse pricing only counts once you LOCK. In 99% of the cases you will choose a lender way before you LOCK pricing.
10. I Truly CARE! about getting you the best deal , avoiding any surprises, with the intent of making you a happy customer and someone that wants to refer me to friends and family. I am willing to work with many different programs that other loan officers avoid. i do this to give you the best loan options, pricing and service available. We are also willing to beat competitors if you have valid proof they are less expensive.