1. I work 8 -12 hour days every day of the week to give you great service. (Even when I am not working I am normally available).
2. In most cases I will answer your email; text; or call immediately or within 2 hours if I am training or on a long call etc.
3. If I am not getting back to you in-time, just text me and I will give you a timeframe based on my best guess as to when I am available.
4. If you have a really complex file or question that takes research (usually because something is unique and not well documented or it is an underwriters judgement), my response times can be delayed due to having to look at numerous options from numerous sources . This can take longer than my normal turn times and can be days.
5. In most cases, I have already seen a similar scenario and can give you basic information and then a video showing you options.
6. Videos specific to your scenario. These do take time but are very educational and will help you make decisions and get educated on options. In some cases I do not do the video if your file is really easy and or you you tell me that a video is not necessary. (Some people prefer a screen shot of the file -like a payment option etc.). If you dont' get a video and really want one, just request it and I will generate one for you.
7. UNIQUE programs: MN Housing; Neighborhood works; LIFT program; MN CEE programs; City Land Trusts; city and county specific programs; Homes For Heroes; etc. Our company is set up to do just about any program you need and you can bring them up to me if you feel they might be beneficial. In most cases, I have been trained on all the programs but in some cases I will need to refer you to someone else if I am too busy or haven't had the training. In some cases, you will need to trust that some of the "free money" is not in your best interest due to pricing issues.
8. Mortgage rules are literally thousands of pages long and is the reason we have underwriters. They will calculate the exact income and tell us whether or not you can use the income per rules. We often have your file looked at by underwriters when you have a unique pay structure.
9. In addition to DaveTheMortgageGuy.com, Dave also has a site for PayItForwardMortgage. I have always done something nice for customers but they don't always know when I do it. The concept behind this website is that maybe someday it can be used to help with small contributions to your favorite charity or church etc.
10. Why does Dave work so hard? My family always believed in hard work so I started at age 14!  Somewhat missed highschool (due to working 40- 70 hours a week) but still paid my own way and graduated from the University of MN Carlson School of Management. I continued as a hard worker, we lived below our means and put money into stocks and retirement plans at the companies I worked for. Unfortunately, greedy people realized they could get involved in our industry and they started focusing everything on the stock price -which included legally stealing from employees. In the end, we lost all our retirement and stock options and pensions and ulitimately our income as the greed put a very profitable industry into bankruptcy. With nearly no assets and having to change jobs to make any money, we went into servere levels of debt. After 20 years of paying off most of the debt we are still not in a similar financial position to what we were in our late 30's! I switched to being a loan officer where I don't have a manager that can waste my time with their lies and schemes and they cannot steal money from me or tell me to do stupid things with customers. All I have to do is give customers a great experience and I will get referrals. Customers have always been my focus. Thank you for using me!